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I would like to welcome you with this James Cash Penney’s quote “Every great business is built on friendship.”

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In my 30 years of career I have had the distinct pleasure of working with numerous people and companies, below you see a list of my clients, with some I worked for a period of time, with others I'm still collaborating...

Apple leads the world in innovation


Apple Inc.

( iOS Specialist and Business Support )

Council of the European Union


EU Consilium

( Project Management and Software Developer )

Synonymous with telephony in Italy


Brondi S.p.A.

( EPROM programmer at the research department )

computers manufacturer and business products

Olivetti S.p.A.

Olivetti S.p.A.

( Multimedia Partner and System Developer )

One of the most important energy companies


Agip Plus

( Directional Reporting Management and Database Developer )

Videocomunication Integrated System


Acuson S.r.L.

( Multimedia Hardware Integration )

Adult Learning and Professional Development


Elea S.p.A.

( Teacher and Educational Developer )

Franco-Italian Aerospace Manufacturer


Alenia Spazio

( Graphical Database Developer )

Production of components for the automotive sector


Magneti Marelli

( Multimedia Development Project Plans )

Headquarter of the Piedmont Region (Italy)


Regione Piemonte

( Development of an InfoPoint based on graphical Database )

Since 2007 focused essentially on Apple solutions. Specialised in OS X architecture, in iOS Mobile for iPhone® & iPad® and FileMaker Solutions